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Ramblings, Writings & Experiences of a Creative Intuitive Empath Entrepreneur on the Warrior Path for Kindness, Love and Compassion.

Into the Light...

Meagan Markowitz


Coming out of shadows
into light
into my light
lighting my way
owning my own
lighting my path
sovereign and solemnly paving
ever delving
diving down deep
shit gets real then
misshapen, misinformed, misrepresented sometimes
detached and in rhymes
twisting in thoughts
revolving inward
into pieces of glass
sharp and painful
until no one is there
stained with blood ....and sweat.... and tears
tears of knowing
tears of growing
pains inside
fears of going
victim holding
ever holding
peers unfolding
into distant memories
of constant pulling
pooling delight into fright
into misconceptions
perceptions fooled in all directions
pressures strong
strength inside
long nights of tight dreams and loose thoughts
past and present unite
ever uniting
letting go
no more guilt
no more shame
no more fault
no more games
into me
until all is right on the side that counts
inner child
inner health
in all
perfect in my imperfection
and then
this happened
and happens still
new/old layers of my former forming ever unfolding self
stepping forward from the depths
the deaths of layers unfolding
refolding into oneself
rebirthing birth itself
I AM here
and NOWhere
and everywhere at once
I AM ever present ever knowing
ever growing light
humbled and glowing and right
no more fight
my warrior light is ON.

Who is 'The Warrior Empath'?

Meagan Markowitz

Ramblings, Writings, Resources, Tools & Experiences of a woman who happens to be an Intuitive Empath on the Warrior path for kindness, love and compassion.

What may come....

~Many myself various uplifting ways...that being 'sensitive' is not our greatest weakness, it is in fact our greatest strength.

~How to be an intuitive Empath in this world and remember your Warrior self....stay strong, kind and diligent.

~Poems, thoughts, ramblings that may or may not help someone get through the rough times or see something beautiful they might not have otherwise seen... or for just the sheer act of sharing.

~Resources for necessary alternative self care, health care and preservation.

~Resources and links that support the sensitive intuitive empath warrior

~Positive News about art, creativity, new inventions, discoveries, our world, people, plants, animals and our planet...inspiration and fodder for the mind, body and soul.

~How to embrace your true inner witch, bitch and slut without compromising your self, your soul or your values.

~Art and Creativity; it's importance and necessary role in our world... especially in our everyday lives....our education and society. 

~How to build the 'Warrior Empaths' 'Arsenal of Tools' to protect, preserve mind, body and soul and safely share the love and power that abounds in us. 

~How to protect yourself from 'the darkside': the dark forces, negative people and energies, narcissists, sociopaths, well meaning friends, selfish fucks, stuck in old patterns people and general all around assholes.

I am sharing the contents of my blog from my own personal journey.  What has worked for me, may not work for someone else.  I do not claim to have answers.  I do not need, require, expect any validation or acceptance from others.  I share my thoughts, writings, experiences, tools and/or resources, that I've gained along the way, as a highly sensitive, intuitive empath and a determination to truly thrive.  My goal is to inspire, empower, uplift and/or encourage each other along the way.

"The day we stop learning is the day we start decaying" 

~Albert Einstein

"You've been walking in circles, searching. Don't drink by the water's edge. Throw yourself in. Become the water. Only then will your thirst end."

-Jeanette Berson

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