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An insight into our process, our motives and goals in supporting a cleaner healthier planet.  When our planet thrives, we thrive.

Honor The Earth

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together....all things are connected.
— Chief Seattle

Giving Back

  We believe in starting where the home is and working our way out from there.  Our selves first, then our family, our community and so on.  We can not truly help others until we ourselves are healed.

  Our long term goal is to stretch our arms out, making lasting connections with local organizations, business' and people creating a web of support for and with each other. Benefiting in our success through charitable donations, fundraisers, benefits, events and supportive fair employment for those in need. And creating a successfully eco-conscious business with a clear focus on integrity, ethical sourcing & sustainability.  

Our Purpose

   Adorning oneself is an ancient tradition of honoring the vessel we are gifted, our perfectly machined bodies.  Like paint on canvas, or clay as sculpture, we use adornments to express ourselves, to uplift our spirits, and honor our sacred vessel. 

   Beeju's designs are meant to inspire, remind, and sooth the soul that we are perfect, just the way we are. Reminding us, we are beautiful and sacred beings.  All Life is sacred and the choices we make matter.  It is important to stay inspired, being our true expressive amazing selves each day.

   Because we care about the planet we live on and the interconnection of all living creatures, we strive to make the best choices possible in our business and in our daily lives.  What we create in this world, the choices we make, effects us all and the planet we live on.



   Beeju Creative is a family run, one woman, from the ground up business.  We support local business' first through buying many of our materials locally, we buy quality reclaimed materials that would otherwise be tossed.  We supplement our needs as close to home as possible and always within the U.S.

   All of our paper goods, including our gift boxes are made from recycled materials. We realize, in this ever changing world, we ourselves, are an ever changing process.  With this in mind, we upgrade our methods and materials as the need arises, reflecting what is currently available and necessary to meet our ongoing goals.  We are always open to new and improved ideas.

The bee represents the wise use of nature, not just the exploitation of it, and the wise application of industry and intelligence by a community.
— Dr. Rod Blackhirst, La Trobe University