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About Us

What we offer, what Beeju means, and a short story of who we are....

Thanks for your interest in Beeju!


My name is Meagan.  I am the designer, owner and maker of Beeju Creative. We are a family run business, meaning, my husband Morgan supports where and when he can. I design & create unique jewelry and accoutrements. I use up-cycled upholstery leather as my main design aesthetic, incorporating different unique techniques to create various designs. Our vintage brass & bead components are from former U.S. east coast brass industries. Other metals used are U.S. made, non toxic antiqued pure brass, sourced from a female owned, family run business. I sculpt precious metal clay, made from recycled metals and organic binders and utilize my original artwork into screen printing for some of my leather pieces. we also offer a unique Aromatherapy Jewelry line using quality pure lava stone and our up-cycled leather pieces.

Hand Made in the mountains of Asheville, NC

What does Beeju mean?


Pronounced the same as the French word 'Bijou'.



bēZHo͞o ,bēˈZHo͞o

adjective: bijou

1. (especially of a residence or business establishment) small and elegant."the greasy spoons have given way to bijou restaurants"

archaic noun: bijou; plural noun: bijoux

1. a jewel or trinket.


Beeju is also a play on words and has a deeper meaning...

  • [Bee]ju; The Honey bee.  As well as being very dear to my heart & soul, the honey bee is an ancient sacred symbol throughout the world. The honey bee  can represent hidden wisdom, sustainability, productivity, community and protection. We honor the honey bee and all that is sacred in life. Honey bees pollinate 70-100% of the plants on our planet, keeping the web of life in motion.  If we listen, they offer us great wisdom.
  • Bee[Ju]; The word Juju has many meanings. My mom used to use it in place of the word magic, referring to ones own innate magic within. In West African Religion, juju is the magic attributed to an amulet or small trinket typically worn around the neck. It is also the Gypsy word for luck or fortune. For Beeju, it represents the love and magic of creative expression and wishing joy for others.
  •  Beeju [Creative]; We encourage and support creativity for a better world. Be creative, live in creative ways, inspire creativity in others. In doing so, our world is a better place.

Imagination Pollinates Creativity
— Meagan Lowe Markowitz

 Meagan and Morgan Markowitz live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with their daughter, Iona. 

Meagan and Morgan Markowitz live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with their daughter, Iona. 

  About Our Family...   


Since a small child, Meagan has been making things out of whatever she could find around her. Inspired by the natural world along with her childhood memories of the creative world of Jim Henson & Brian Froud, Swedish artist John Bauer, Golden age Illustrator Arthur Rackham, Greek Mythology, and many Ancient Civilizations, she has been creating from this realm of imagination ever since.  Much creative exploration, and many mediums later, she fell into working with leather almost by accident after being gifted a large bag of it from a friend. Meagan met Morgan, and after traveling quite a bit, settled back into the Mountains of Western North Carolina. 

    Beeju Creative began as a seed about 3 yrs after Meagan took on the greatest creative challenge of her life. In February of 2012, their daughter Iona was born, almost one month early, through a very scary emergency Cesarean.  Two weeks later, they rushed their little one to the E.R., and going through a traumatic two hour ordeal that ultimately saved her life.  She was diagnosed with S.V.T., a heart disease that proved to be extremely unpredictable, difficult and traumatic on the Markowitz family for the next three years.  Meagan & Morgan invested all of their focus and love to their beloved daughter. In 2015 Beeju was born. Meagan knew she had to do something to keep her sanity, feed her well being and begin healing. Sharing her creativity with the world with deep integrity and love was the message that kept coming.  Iona's, now three years old, was much stronger and her heart condition seemed to be manageable at this time.  Meagan slowly began building a brand and business that reflected her values, inspirations, and deep respect for our planet. Beeju started off vending at a local Farmers Market in 2016 & 2017, vending each Saturday from May through November.  In November of 2016, Iona was able to have a heart procedure to correct her heart.  Immensely grateful, the Markowitz family has been on a journey ever since moving towards their new goals and new dreams.  For Meagan, Beeju is not just a business it is a soul journey.