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Welcome to Beeju

About Beeju Creative

Beeju Creative

One of Kind and Limited Edition Wearables. 

UpCycled Upholstery Leather . Gemstones . Vintage Components . Non Toxic Antiqued Pure Brass. Sterling Silver

Hand Made in the mountains of Asheville, NC

What's in a name.....

Bijou; the french word for jewel, something delicate, elegant, or highly prized.

Honey Bee; As well as being very dear to me, the honey bee is an ancient sacred symbol throughout the world. To name a few, the honey bee represents hidden wisdom, sustainability, productivity, community and protection.  We honor the honey bee and all that is sacred in life.  Honey bees pollinate 70-100% of the plants on our planet, keeping the web of life in motion.

Juju; The word has many meanings. In West African Religion, juju is the magic attributed to an amulet or small trinket typically worn around the neck.  It is also the Gypsy word for luck or fortune.  In our case it represents love of creative expression and wishing good fortune to others. 

Be Creative; We encourage and support creativity for a better world

The bee represents the wise use of nature, not just the exploitation of it, and the wise application of industry and intelligence by a community.”
— Dr. Rod Blackhirst, La Trobe University


 "Beeju Creative is inspired by nature, order in chaos, and imbues the elements.    I embrace imperfection, transition and flow, a sort of Wabi-sabi view, when I create.  I am motivated by my family, especially my daughter, and my willingness to be in integrity and love.  To me, all life is sacred and to create is to make every day magic. Beeju is much more than a business, it is a lifestyle.  I am ever grateful for each and every day."

~Owner/Designer Meagan Lowe Markowitz